Artist Statement

Mary Ahern Artist in the studio

Mary Ahern in the studio painting

My art is driven by multiple passions.

I am a gardener with a horticulture degree in landscape design. The brilliant colors around me in the garden demand my attention and my focus. I love painting flowers larger than life. This reflects the power they share with me.

As a classically trained Artist, the study of Art History informs my work. The compositional framework on which I design my Art is from this lifelong study of the great old masters.

A critical component of my Art and my life is ceaseless experimentation. With degrees in Fine Arts and a career spent in digital imaging technologies I flow seamlessly between both traditional and digital media. My Mixed Media paintings are an expression of the limitless boundaries available to me as an experimental Artist.

Combining the old and the new are the tools I use to create my traditional representational Art.


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