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As an Artist, I naturally explore, experiment and investigate. Throughout my career as an Artist, I’ve explored many ideas and subject matter. Between all these choices my heart always returns to the garden. That is now my focus.

The closeup miracle of a flower, the brilliant color, the internal architecture of their parts, the many forms they use to attract pollinators. But pulling your view back from the individual flower, I also love to create and study gardens as a whole. When viewing a garden, what is the overall view and color range, how is your interest directed to pull you along the paths and to engage you to focus more clearly on the setting or on a structure? What are the textures that the myriad assortment of plants provide? This is now the enduring focus of my work. Join me.

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Recent Work

As I complete new work I enjoy the opportunity of showcasing them here in this gallery. This is usually the first gallery that viewers will visit when they come to my website.


With degrees in Fine Art and also in Horticultural Landscape Design I've combined my vision, not only by creating my Fine Art but also by creating gardens in real life. My landscape paintings reflect on canvas the design ideas I bring to landscape and garden design. These are some of my garden interpretations.


Paintings of flowers in close up intricate detail. These exuberant and radiant colors flamboyantly express their delight to be alive.

Designer Prints

Designer Prints are created to make a big splash in your home and office design decor.

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