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Interested in the latest News about my work? You’ve come to the right place!

I have several resources for you to explore more about my process, my interests, my inspirations and where you can see my work.


Mark your calendars for where my Art is showing, personal appearances and my lectures about Art and or gardens.

The Art Blog: Art Naturally

Follow me as I write about my life as an Artist. My Art, my process, my musings about the life of an Artist and also many helpful tidbits for fellow Artists. Enjoy this meandering journey with me.

The Garden Blog: The Garden Artist

I’m a Garden Writer about my own and others. Some science, some flowers, some garden design and some of the gardens that inspire my Art. Take a stroll down the garden path with me, The Garden Artist.


Nothing is more fun than watching videos. Some are by me as impromptu performances and some are professionally done. All are worth the time to watch!