Recent Work

At my recent art show at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, a visitor turned to me and said “Your colors make my mouth water”.
Thanks for the complement Chris Gordon!

Original Oil Paintings by the Artist, Mary Ahern. Free Spirit Rose Bud.

“Just Waiting – Free Spirit Rose Bud” 36×36″GW Oil on Canvas.  To purchase or for further information please contact the artist here.


These individual rhododendron flowers show the speckled blotches which signify to their pollinators where they’ll find their treats. Rhododendrons are always seen in their rounded trusses but I decided to see each of the blossoms as individuals sharing a space companionably. 

Together Again - Peach Freckles Rhododendron

“Together Again – Peach Freckles Rhododendron” 24×26″ GW Oil Painting on Canvas.  To purchase or for further information contact the artist here.



For decades I have been creating art in circles surrounded by squared edges. When I first made this type of work it was in the mid-1970’s and the circle was most often represented by an apple inside a square. At that time it represented to me the yin and yang, female and male complements to our lives and our characters.

I have returned to this theme but using flowers from my garden as the subjects. It feels so calming to me when I create these rounded flowers. This peony was the first in a series of exploring again the circle in a square imagery so I named it “Centering” because that is how I feel towards these works.

Original oil painting by Mary Ahern the Artist.

“Centering-Pink Peony” 36×36″ GW. Oil on Canvas. To purchase or for further information contact the artist here.

Woodland Sunshine

Inspired by the afternoon sunshine, this view is one of the many paths I’ve created in my garden that provides me with the centering and calmness so necessary in my life. After spending time walking these paths, my life’s journey makes sense.

I love sharing my garden with others, whether in paintings or on the many garden tours I have given.

This original Mixed Media painting is for sale. Please contact me directly for pricing.


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