From the Garden to the Wall

The Dance in the Garden - Homage to Matisse by the Artist, Mary Ahern

While creating the composition of this original painting of my garden irises, I thought of the Matisse painting, “The Dance.”
These delicate ruffled flowers are dancing together in an homage to the composition by the master.

As a classically trained Artist, the study of Art History
informs my work. Compositions underlying the
great paintings of the Old Masters are the critical framework I use.
Brilliantly vibrant colors of nature inspire my paintings. 
…Mary Ahern

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I love bringing sunshine into the world!

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Mary Ahern is a classically trained American Artist who is stretching the boundaries of her mediums with innovative techniques, giving us new avenues to explore the meaning of Art & its relationship to our lives.

….Allison J. Cruz • Executive Director • Smithtown Arts Council