Artist Statement

My art, deeply rooted in symbolism, reflects the interconnectedness and balance within both the microcosm of my garden and the macrocosm of the cosmos. Embedded in these artworks are the stirrings of conversation regarding these issues.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant community of life in my garden, my flowers invite universal questions of existence and purpose in their quest for survival, eventual senescence, and rebirth.

The identifiable floral Images I create are glazed and intertwined with my abstract underpaintings inspired by the recent awe-inspiring visuals of the universe. By recognizing the delicate balance required for both terrestrial and celestial ecosystems to thrive, I am inspired to provide a visual context for understanding the essential balance necessary for life’s harmony.

Employing imagery that balances both abstraction and realism, I am mirroring the delicate equilibrium needed for universal survival. My extensive use of transparent glazing between the garden and the galaxy exemplifies the need for open discourse, which I believe is necessary to ensure the health and survival of all species.

My artistic process involves employing unique techniques that I have continued to refine over the course of 50 years. Through the years of experimentation and refinement, I have developed a distinctive approach to painting that reflects my artistic vision and also my philosophy.


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change”


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