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Art Blog: My Art Starts In The Garden: Musings on my Life as an Artist
Here is one of the articles that speaks directly to my work. “Why I Paint. Why I Write. The Garden Tells Me To.

Garden Blog: “Leading You Down The Garden Path”
Here is an article that tells how I got started as a gardener. Thanks Uncle Teddy! “My Wizard of Oz Moment”

Artist Statement

Mary Ahern the artist in her studio painting.
  My brushes are the flowers of my studio.

As a passionate gardener, my art is as intricately entwined as the gardens surrounding my studio. Cultivating and tending these gardens is the first stage of creating the art that grows in my studio.

Flowers represent to me a microcosm of the universe in their cycles of living and loving, families and relationships as well as their quest for survival and eventual senescence and rebirth.

With a duality of external and internal vision, I invite the viewer to see, larger than life, the beauty and intricacy of flowers and in their boldness I suggest a contemplation of their relevance and ours in the social order of our universe.


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change”


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