Mary Ahern Biography

Mary Ahern is a Professional Artist and a Passionate Gardener.

Through the meandering paths and zig zags of life, two constants for Ahern have been her Art and her Garden. These are her anchors. The comfort of the gardens, the joy of the renewal of seasons bringing bursts of color and optimism. These are the subjects she shares with the world through her Art.

Mary Ahern's studio with painting in progress

Mary Ahern’s studio with painting in progress

For decades of creativity, Ahern has done what all true Artists do. She has explored a wide range of subject matter, some of which is and was autobiographical in its underpinnings. During that course of time, she has also delved into a broad range of mediums and processes. Always enjoying the experimental aspects of mastering them and then mixing them.

Classical Art

Ahern had a classical Art education having received her training in New York City from professors who studied directly with some of the titans of Art History like Josef Albers. This foundation in color and design is prominent in her work. Proximity to the array of museums and galleries in NYC, one hour from her home studio, continue to reinforce these lessons learned.

A Life’s Journey

Through the journey of her life, Ahern always maintained a working studio even though at times circumstances prevented great productivity. In this room she studied her vast array of books of the old masters, absorbing not only their techniques but also an understanding of the enormous obstacles most of them had to traverse in order to continue forward with their work.

Seeking a way to remain in the world of creativity and support her sons as a single parent, Ahern navigated into the nascent world of computer graphics during the 1980’s. Here she sold graphics and electronic paint systems to the Television & Production industry for use in on-air graphics and advertising. Her Art training was put to good use as she demonstrated her systems to her target market of creative professionals who were converting from traditional mediums to digital.

After receiving a concussion on the glass ceiling, Ahern began her own graphic design business. Starting with designing their print media, as her clients recognized the opportunities to come on the Internet, Ahern began designing their websites as early as 1995. As an Artist, she thinks creatively whether as a painter, a designer or as a business entrepreneur.

Mary Ahern in her Perennial Garden

Ahern in one of the perennial gardens surrounding her home studio.

Follow Your Passion

Following your passion has always been a credo for Ahern. With this in mind, exactly 20 years after graduating with her Fine Arts degree, she graduated with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture with a focus on Landscape Design. This was not as roundabout as one might think if you know the passion Ahern has had for gardening since she was introduced to it as a child by her favorite Uncle Teddy.


Inspiration is found in the gardens surrounding her studio in the quaint town of Northport on Long Island and beyond. Her expertise, not only in the mediums in which she works but also in the subjects she chooses, is abundantly clear in her realistic Art. Her love of horticulture, as well as landscape design, is seen clearly in her close-up florals and landscape paintings of gardens.

A passion for life and learning is at the core of who Mary Ahern is as a person and as an Artist.



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