The Painting Studio

The Painting Studio is where I create all the Mixed Media, Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor paintings. There is a large size easel to accommodate the canvas paintings and drafting tables for drawings and colored pencil work.

The palette and brushes are on a table next to the easel. I don’t like to hold the palette even though it has a nicely romantic notion of what an artist should look like. The brushes stand in clay flower pots (a nice touch since I paint mostly flowers and gardens) and are held with aquarium stone since it slides easily. I group the brushes by type so that it’s easy to find what I need.

I use a glass palette on a white table. It’s easy to keep clean with a scraping razor. While I”m working I rest my brushes on ceramic stands to keep the paint and table clean. Golden Paints has a terrific poster which clearly indicates the transparency of their pigments. I find this both colorful and useful.

The lighting is specialized for color accuracy specific to the fabric design studios since so much work is done on canvas. The primary window lighting is north light which manages daylight work.