Download My Free Art Book

As a way of getting to know me better, I have created an Art Book for you to download which will show you my most recent artwork but will also tell you about the ideas and influences behind the work.

The art I’m doing at the moment is circling around some of the many themes I was conscious of in the late 1970s when I was awakened in my mind and my heart. The work, the medium, and the style are like a homecoming of sorts. It feels good to me to be again engaged in this manner.

I hope you’ll take advantage of my offer and download this Free Art Book.

With each new painting or drawing that I create new ideas and thoughts emerge for me. I try to document some of these by writing blog posts and creating videos. I have an Art Blog and a Garden Blog which I add to from time to time. You can sign up at those blogs to be notified when new posts appear if you choose.

I also have a YouTube Channel which contains both my art and gardening videos. It’s a medium that has intrigued me for quite a while and is now easier than ever to do using my iPhone, tripod, gimbel and photo editing software. Gone are the days I filmed on tape and used my splicing machine!

Another place to stay current with my art and my influences is on Instagram and also on Pinterest.

These days there is quite a lot to keep up with if you are an Artist promoting and sharing your work and your passion with the world. I find all these venues interesting but I manage them so that my primary time is spent in the studio or in the garden. Both are my primary creative outlets.

Visit me online at these various locations!

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