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So you’re looking for something new in your life. Something to perk up your home. Your office. Something that brings color into your life and sooths your soul. You’ve come to the right place.

I paint happiness with color.
I bring the healing  nature of the garden to you.
The garden represents the future, the seasons, the rebirth of life.
Gardens relax you and bring you calmness and contemplation.

Gardens have transformed my life so I want to share my contentment and joy with you.

Read about my art and my garden on my Blogs.
Watch the Videos.
Come to see the art first hand at one of my shows, lectures and events.

Let’s talk about how the brilliant colors of flowers and gardens uplift your soul and chase the grays away.
I’m looking forward to opening up the healing and healthy world of my flowers and gardens with you!

Art Show News, Lectures & Meet the Artist Events

Mark your calendars for where my Art is showing, personal appearances and my lectures about Art and or gardens.

The Art Blog: Art Naturally

Follow me as I show you the behind the scenes life of an Artist. The path is one of investigation, growth, happiness and contentment. I want to share the process of creation, the joy in discovery, the obstacles and successes that make me the artist I am today. A meandering journey of joy.

The Garden Blog: The Garden Artist

I’m a Garden Writer about my own and others. Some science, some flowers, some garden design. Take a stroll down the garden path with me while I share the inspiring gardens that compel me to create the colorful and joyful art that I share with the universe.

Art Blog Videos

Take a look as I share my working process in my series of Studio Glimpses, Take a Minute Video clips, and some how-to videos.

Garden Blog Videos

Tours of my garden show what has inspired all my art. I designed the gardens that surround my studio. This is the primary inspiration for my art. The garden is where I start my art process which is completed by each and every individual as they bring their own thoughts and memories as they look at my art.