Step 13 – Replacing The Garden Bridge

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Step 13 of Rear Garden Design Project.

Now that I finally, after 9 years have my back entry stone walls and dry stream bed installed it is time for the decorating to begin.

For all these years we’ve been using what was supposed to be a temporary bridge. In 2000, when we originally began this project the construction crew built a plank bridge by hammering a few weather treated boards together and putting them over the dry stream bed.

My own grandsons have been born since the temporary bridge was originally installed and have grown up with the joy of bouncing wildly on the planks, much to the dismay of fathers, mothers and grandparents. Their utter joy in the flexibility of the boards and the semi dangerous and enthusiastic experience has provided untold hours of glee.

I felt somewhat bad for them and wondered how they would react to the disappearance of their favorite playground.

Fear not. They adapted instantly and have gone on to other adventures in the garden. I think they’ve found dinosaurs hiding along the woodland paths.



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  1. Was that Christopher?? He looks great. I love how the older one (CJ?) followed the younger one (Ryan?) – that was very sweet! I know my older one does not listen to her younger brother.